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Vendor at farmers market keeps meat cold!

Hi, my name is Nathan Wxxxxxx and along with my wife, we own and operate San Ysidro Farm of McNeal, Arizona. We raise grass fed lamb and beef and "farm-raised" pork. We mostly sell at local farmers markets.

I have a 6x12 cargo trailer that I have turned into my "market" trailer. Inside this trailer, I have four 6 volt golf cart batteries that are wired into two 12 volt banks. The 1250 watt inverter is connected to these batteries. I have a 10 cf freezer and a small refrigerator inside this trailer that run off the inverter. I also run some other items such as a light and a cash register. There are times when I let another vendor at one market connect her freezer as well.

My truck charges the batteries as I go down the road. When at home, I put a regular battery charger on them and put the freezer on "house-current". Soon, I will be installing a solar panel on the trailer, so when I'm at a market the inverter is getting some of its power from the sun.

The 1250 watt has been a great inverter. I had a 1500 watt from another source but it could not handle the bouncing and jarring from going down the road. I had set this 1500 up as my main power source. We were going to a new market and things were pretty hectic, but something told me to take the 1250 along as someone might need some power for something. Well, I get set up at the market and noticed that I had no power. The 1500 had crashed, it had lights but no juice. I grabbed the 1250 and put it on the batteries, turned it on, plugged things in and it worked great. Now it is mounted in the place where the 1500 was and is working great.

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