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Power tools are a snap with an inverter when no power is available!

I use my AIMS 1250 watt inverter for power tools around our property.We live on a hilltop surrounded by oak trees and thick growth brush which needs to be cut back every year, especially from our 1/3 mile driveway. Gas powered trimmers and saws are too heavy to hold overhead, and too expensive to buy and maintain.

The AIMS inverter powers a big electric hedge trimmer and a 15' electric pole saw from the battery in my pickup truck. I've also used the inverter to power a circular saw and electric drill while repairing the fence along the edge of the property. It's really easy to use and always handy when AC is not available. I really like having the option of ac current where ever I go, and I can use any of my power tools, lights, tire inflator, etc. without having to buy expensive specialty battery operated stuff for specific tasks.

Riley M.
Atascadero, CA
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