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Trucking couple cooks and emails from the road!

We bought a 2000 watt pure sine wave power inverter this year from Inverters R Us, since installing it into our Peterbilt (eighteen wheeler), I have used it to power my laptop computer & ink jet printer and copy machine to bill our customers with. I also use it to plug my hair dryer into, for styling my hair while going down the highway.

We also have an 800 watt microwave that we cook not only fast food with but, since we haul produce, we have cooked everything from spaghetti squash to baked sweet potatoes in it and all kinds of meats to go along with the veggies.

One of the most easy and unique meals that I cook is the omelets I make in the microwave plugged into power inverter. Just crack two eggs into a quart Ziploc freezer bag, add your favorite fillings and microwave for about 3 minutes. The filling ends up in the middle of the eggs, that are fluffed-up all around the onions, bell peppers, cheese and ham!!

Not to mention that I am emailing this from my laptop using a wireless pc card while my husband is driving down I-40 in California!!!!!!! And the power inverter keeps it all powered, we have on occasion had to use the inverter to plug in a power tool or two to work on Our Big Rig!! Trust me, the power inverter we got from Inverters R Us is more important than any American Express, we won't leave home without it!!

Julia Txxxx, Texas

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